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Liver – Nature’s Powerhouse



  • Liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods around.
  • By far the best source of B12.
  • Contains all the fat soluable vitamins, A, D, E and K.
  • Contains iron, in its most bio-available form.
  • Liver is the best source of copper (which many of us are deficient in) and also a good source of zinc and chromium.

Contrary to the belief that the liver is a storage organ for toxins it does in fact neutralise toxins with the help of the nutrients you obtain from liver. Toxins are more likely to be stored in fat tissues.

Eating liver is one of the best ways to aid good liver function.



Ingredients – 150g butter (from grass fed cows), 250g organic chicken livers, 1 large chopped onion, 2 crushed garlic cloves, 1 dessertspoon of brandy, 2 tbsp creme fraiche, sprig of thyme, sea salt to taste.

Method – Gently fry the chicken livers with the thyme in half of the butter for around 3 minutes on each side till cooked but slightly pink in the centre. Add the brandy and cook for a further minute. Remove the livers from the pan, discard the thyme and blend in a food processor.

Add the rest of the butter and the chopped onion to the pan cooking gently till soft, add in the garlic in at the end until cooked. Put all the contents in to the food processor on top of the liver and blend till smooth. Finally add the creme fraiche and blend till smooth.

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