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Naomi's experience in the field of Herbal Medicine began in Scotland 35 years ago, where she worked in her Father's practice. Since then, she has established a successful clinic and shop in Kent.

At Botanica Health, we deeply value every person we encounter, whether through our clinic, phone conversations, or social media interactions.

Our mission has always been to help people improve their health through natural methods, and we are grateful to now have a team of knowledgeable health professionals who can assist customers both in-person and online.

With our friendly support, our customers can embark on a journey towards a healthier and more vibrant life.







Naomi's Childhood

Naomi’s childhood was punctuated by regular herb picking outings with her father and sisters in the Highlands of Scotland where the family lived.

Herbal Dispenser

At the age of 18, Naomi began working in her father's medical herbal practice. Brian, her father, is the longest serving practicing herbalist in the UK.

Clinic Opens

In September 2010, Naomi and Alan open their Clinic on Rusthall High Street.

BBC Countryfile

TED Talk

Through their talk 'Why We're Dependent On Plants For Medicine' Naomi & Sophie help us to view the landscape that herbal medicine has to offer in an age of science, the burden of degenerative disease and antibiotic resistance. Watch on YouTube

Andrographis Launch

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