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The trouble with rest


There is no trouble with rest.
The only trouble with rest is the guilt we put on ourselves.
Too much to do, keep going, reply to all those emails, especially the ones that say “did you get my email” – oops.

It is okay, good and right to rest.
You don’t need permission from anyone.

We are all so busy. Tangled in commitments.
I confess, I too feel tangled in the brambles of a busy life.

I am learning to take it easier.

Kick through the leaves, go to bed early, say no, look at the sky, lie down, close your eyes, breathe deeply and nourish your soul.

You must.

Let us together start a rest revolution.

Life is better when we feel nourished, for you and those around us.

Most cures are not in a bottle.

Rest might just be the cure you need.

“Be as religious and disciplined about your sleep as you are about your work. We tend to wear our ability to get by on little sleep as some sort of badge of honor that validates our work ethic. But what it really is is a profound failure of self-respect and of priorities. What could possibly be more important than your health and your sanity, from which all else springs?” ~ Maria Popova

Read this beautiful post here – Winterruhe: Bed Rest, Sleep Recovery and the Lost Art of Convalescence

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