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Summer Lavender and Lemon Cordial Recipe


This Summer Lavender and Lemon Cordial is a light and refreshing drink to enjoy during the balmy months.

Easy to make, you can enjoy it with still or sparkling water, champagne or cocktails.

Lavender has been shown to aid relaxation, and mitigate stress and anxiety. Just the scent of this aromatic flower can lift the spirits.

Summer Lavender and Lemon Cordial Recipe

Summer lavender and lemon cordial


12 heads of lavender

1 lemon

150g sugar

750ml water







Gently wash the lavender flowers if necessary.

Peel the lemon skin with a potato peeler and set aside.

Add the water and sugar to a pan and heat stirring until it comes to the boil.

Once the syrup has come to the boil turn the heat off, add the lavender flowers and lemon peel, stir, and place a lid on top allowing the flavours to infuse for an hour or so.

Juice the lemon and add to the syrup, the acidity will turn it into a soft pink shade.



Pour the cordial into a sterilised 1 litre bottle.

I like to add the lavender flowers and the lemon peel but you can strain them out if you wish.

To drink pour into a glass and dilute with preferred mixer.

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