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Could Echinacea Have Saved Lives During the Pandemic?


We are moving in to autumn, and nearly 3 years since the WHO declared a pandemic.

And still there is little talk of ways to naturally support immunity. This is mind blowing considering the effect on lives all around the world.

Until just recently rates of infection were the highest since the beginning of March 2020. This is despite a huge uptake of vaccines.

They say ‘it is easy to be wise after the event”, and yet many of us who understand the human immune system knew that given the right support, the body will always strive to be well.

We were never sitting ducks. Sadly a fear campaign created a situation of perpetual worry and the inevitability of a poor outcome.

At the very beginning I advised on the importance of Vitamin D. But of course this is just one aspect.

For an overall robust immune system we need good quality nutrition, sunlight, sleep, exercise.

A hopeful message could have made the world of difference. And so could Echinacea.

Echinacea Could Have Made all the Difference

Unsurprisingly new research published in Frontiers in Pharmacology shows Echinacea purpurea prevents viral respiratory tract infections, including Covid-19 and subsequent variants.

The study conducted over a six-month period included vaccinated and non-vaccinated adults.

In adults prescribed Echinacea as a preventative respiratory tract infections were reduced by 25%, coronavirus risk by 48%, Covid-19 risk by 63%, reduced overall virus load by 99% and viral clearance time by 4.8 days.

In patients suffering acute episodes of Covid-19 treatment with Echinacea reduced the overall virus load significantly, by 99%. Echinacea also reduced virus clearance time by eight days for ALL viruses.

It is useful to note that Echinacea is a a wide-spectrum immune modulator. This means that it modulates both the innate (the body’s first line of defence against pathogens) and adaptive immune system (a type of immunity that is built up as we are exposed to diseases and germs).

Echinacea – the Immune Support

The research on Echinacea is vast and studies have found it –

Echinacea purpurea has been shown to offer long-term prevention of viral respiratory tract infections and is just one part of a multi-modal approach that could of and can make all the difference.

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