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10 Ways to Beat the Bloat this Christmas

The season of indulgence is upon us …….


We are all looking forward to a tremendous feast on December the 25th (unless you are cooking of course, and by the time you sit down you would rather have a nap).

As soon as dinner is over there are cries from all corners about eating too much, bloating, indigestion and trapped wind …….

Not to mention the over consumption of alcohol and sweets that follows in the days ahead.

This all leaves the body over burdened.

So if you are already concerned about the effects this holiday period has on your health follow the tips below for a healthier Christmas.



1 Start the day with a large glass of warm water and lemon. Not only does the lemon encourage the liver to produce more bile which aids digestion and detoxification, but you will feel full after the water and less likely to eat too much.


2 Take Aloe vera. A wonderful herb to support gut health and for sufferers of IBS. Reduces inflammation and flatulence, soothes the stomach, supports digestion and helps with constipation.


3  Move. A brisk walk after a meal will help aid digestion and encourage the bowels to move. It will also boost circulation and if you can walk up a sweat, help detoxification.


4 Breathe deeply. With all the anxiety that can creep in to make the big day the best ever breathing can become short and shallow. Not good for the stomach at all. Perhaps begin and end the day with 5 minutes of deep abdominal breathing. Hands on tummy. Breathing in through the mouth for 4 seconds, hold for 2, out of the mouth for 6.


5  Take digestive bitters before each meal. Bitter herbs start their work as soon as you taste them on the tongue. They support the health of the stomach, gallbladder, pancreas and liver, improving protein digestion and the breakdown of fats, reduce gas and bloating, reduce sweet cravings and regulate blood sugar. These also can be very useful if you feel nauseous and lack an appetite.


6  Adopt “Hara hachi bu”, a Japanese saying that means to stop eating when you are 80% full. Perhaps have a smaller plate so you don’t eat quite so much:-0


7  Finish your meal with a chamomile or fennel tea to soothe and reduce bloating.


8  Relax. Spend time with loved family and friends just being. Yes if you are hosting there seems to be a lot to do, but there is no point if you can’t take time to breath and ponder and enjoy the day. Feeling uptight and stressed will only cause digestion to shut down and discomfort to arise.


9  Eat some fermented food. Kimchi, saurkraut, kefir or kombucha. Pre and probiotic support.


10 Take Milk thistle before bed. The active component in Milk thistle is called silymarin which protects the liver and supports liver function. It is commonly taken to reduce the effects of over consumption of alcohol and studies show that it not only protects but also repairs liver damage from alcohol abuse.


So now you have everything you need to have a happy belly over Christmas:-)

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