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When sleep became ‘cool’


Who knew it, a fundamental necessity for good health becomes cool.

Sleep is being touted as ‘the new sweat’ and while it comes easy to some, for many it can be hard to attain.

Are you struggling to lose weight, have inflammation, depression, want to reduce the risk of dementia, diabetes and heart disease?

Ensure you have restful sleep.

During the hours of sleep the body detoxifies and repairs, resets and heals.

“Most people are aware of the importance of sleep, but as a society we don’t do what is good for us in this area. We are chronically sleep deprived and even proud of the fact since it indicates a life on the go and total dedication to our work. But the mind platter indicates that true dedication would consist of balancing the brain for optimal performance, which means taking seriously time in, down time, and sleep time.” Deepak Chopra

The essential conditions for sleep

    • Keep blood sugar stable throughout the day. Don’t skip meals and ensure adequate protein, carbohydrate and fat with meals. Hunger will prevent sleep.


    • Have a sweet drink before bed. Ideally a strong chamomile with 2 teaspoons of honey or the tradional milk and honey. Dissolve hydrolysed collagen into your beverage as gelatin (collagen) contains glycine which promotes calmness and restorative sleep..


    • Don’t do vigorous exercise in the evening, you don’t want high cortisol before bed!


    • Avoid ‘blue’ light and screen time before bed. If you must be on a screen download f.lux to ‘warm’ up your computer screen at night time.


    • Take magnesium! A morning and evening dose will help anxiety and reduce stress hormones and generally induce a feeling of calm. The addition of our ashwagandha with valerian sleep supplement can often be a perfect combination to magnesium.


    • Practice a breathing meditation before bed. Inhale for 4, hold for 7, exhale for 8. This creates a relaxed state, calming the limbic system to prepare for sleep.


  • Relax about not sleeping. Fighting against not sleeping will cause a state of agitation, embrace a laissez-faire attitude to life.

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