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Top 10 Health Benefits of Collagen


Gelatin has had a revival, and for good reason.

Derived from the collagen found in animal bones, collagen protein contains unique anti-inflammatory amino acids, primarily glycine, proline, glutamic acid and alanine.

Collagen, the most abundant protein in the body, is one of the major building blocks of skin, bone, muscles, ligaments and tendons. In abundance in youth, collagen production begins to decline around the age of 25.

In times gone by jelly, trifle, chicken broth and meat cooked on the bone in stews and casseroles were a common occurrence in households.

Making a broth with the chicken carcass from a Sunday roast is still traditional, providing the base of an extremely nutritious meal. Bone broth is highly nutritious containing collagen and all the necessary minerals.

“Degenerative and inflammatory diseases can often be corrected by the use of gelatin-rich foods.”     Ray Peat

There are many health benefits of collagen and it is very easy to consume with the convenient powdered forms available.



  1. Anti-aging – improves skin, hair and nails. A key protein in the body, collagen makes up to 25% of the total protein content in the body. Collagen depletion in the body begins in our 20’s, so consuming gelatin/collagen can make a big difference to skin quality. Break down and loss of collagen is the cause of wrinkles and research confirms that collagen found in gelatin reduces the signs of wrinkles. The beneficial minerals calcium, magnesium and phosphorus found in gelatin helps build strong nails and hair.
  2. Stomach ulcers – Bone broth or gelatin helps heal the stomach due to amino acids proline and glycine. Gelatin treats ulcers.
  3. Helps leaky gut and colitis – gelatin has been found to heal the gut lining and improve inflammatory gut issues. Gut barrier protector and healer.
  4. Improves liver detoxification – without enough glycine, the essential amino acid in gelatin the body cannot produce enough glutathione, essential for phase II liver detoxification.
  5. Helps arthritis – Collagen contains chondroitin, a supplement often used to support joints, tendons and cartilage. Using gelatin or collagen may dramatically improve degenerate joint conditions.
  6. Allergies – many health experts believe allergies are rooted in having a permeable intestinal lining (leaky gut) which allows pathogens in. Healing the gut should reduce allergies.
  7. Inflammation – Gelatin has a very unique non-inflammatory amino acid profile. It consist of glycine, glutamic acid, proline and alanine, particularly missing in our western diet, especially when most meals will contain muscle meat rather than that on the bone, making a very hard to digest and break down meal.
  8. Anti-cancer – “It has a wide range of anti-tumour actions, including the inhibition of new blood cell formation (angiogenesis), and it has shown protective activity in liver cancer and melanoma.” Ray Peat
  9. Anti-stress – The generous supply of glycine in gelatin offers a wonderful anti-stress action and promotes natural sleep. Ideally add 2 teaspoons of prepared gelatin or powdered collagen to hot milk and honey before bed.
  10. Hormone balancing – Excess estrogen is a common issue coming from environmental pollution, plastics wrapping our consumables, the contraceptive pill and general stress creating a hormonal imbalance. Glycine has been shown to be anti-estrogenic and helps regulate insulin and prevent hypoglycemia.

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Conveniently you can now purchase our Gelatin granules (which require prior soaking). This can be added to hot drinks or used to make delicious desserts like the Easy Pineapple Panna Cotta.  Alternatively you can purchase our Hydrolysed Collagen Powder or Hunter & Gather 100% Pure Collagen Bovine Peptides. This can be dissolved, without any prior need to soak in to anything hot or cold; smoothies, juice, milky coffee etc. Hydrolysed collagen is a broken down form of gelatin.

Adding gelatin to a meal containing only muscle meat (ie. not on the bone) is beneficial. This will help balance the amino acid profile  entering the blood stream.

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