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Science-Backed Remedies for Inflammation, Pain and Arthritis


Patients diagnosed with inflammation, pain and arthritis are commonly prescribed Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID’s).

Waiting lists for common surgeries like hip replacements are now longer than ever, causing misery for many. Unfortunately while patients wait, medical conditions deteriorate, pain increases and quality of life is diminished.

Inflammation can effect any of the joints and it is common for patients to complain of painful fingers, toes, knees, shoulders, neck and hips.

First thing in the morning stiffness and pain can often be worse. Sometimes improving when up and moving around.

Due to the current situation and delayed operations, more and more people are offered prescription drugs to alleviate pain and inflammation. Most commonly Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Diclofenac and Mefenamic acid are prescribed.

NSAID’s can provide great relief, but they are not without risk. They raise the possibility of heart attack, internal bleeding, stroke, renal damage and cause vitamin and mineral deficiency.

It is therefore useful to consider other avenues for pain relief and inflammation reduction, avoiding the risks these pharmaceuticals bring.


Diet and Inflammation – What to Avoid What to Include
  • Avoid gluten – studies confirm gluten-free diet may improve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, even in patients resistant to conventional drug therapies.
  • Don’t go nuts with nuts – Nuts are high in phytic acid which can be inflammatory. Soaking does reduce this effect. According to studies we absorb around 20 percent more zinc and 60 percent more magnesium from our food when phytic acid is absent.
  • Include ginger in the diet  Ginger has been found to stop further progress or even reverse the damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Studies show it helps relive pain and improve joint function.
  • Stop using vegetable oils – the manufacturing process creates a polyunsaturated, oxidised fat that creates a huge amount of inflammation within the body. “It’s the dose that makes the poison”, Paracelsus. Eating one packet of crisps a day is equivalent to drinking 5 litres of cooking oil a year.
  • Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin C – Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen, a major component of joints. It also helps clear the body of free-radicals. Studies show that people whose diets are regularly high in vitamin C have significantly less risk of their arthritis progressing.
  • Address any allergies – Patients often feel severe pain after eating foods they should avoid which trigger the immune system to produce inflammation. Suspect gluten, acidic foods and members of the nightshade family.
  • Celery and ginger juice – Start the day with an anti-inflammatory celery and ginger juice packed with antioxidants including quercetin and ferulic acid. Antioxidants combat free radical damage that contributes to inflammation.
  • Drink tea – Green, black and white contains anti-inflammatory compounds like polyphenols. Green tea is the most beneficial due to its active ingredient “epigallocatechin-3-gallate” or EGCG, shown to have antioxidant activity 100 times stronger than vitamins C and E which preserves cartilage and bone.
  • Avoid processed foods
Top Tried and Tested Anti-inflammatory, Pain Relieving Products
  • Terranova Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Boswelia Complex – Studies show Boswellia (frankincense) is effective in reducing inflammation, lessening the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Frankincense extract may help reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Compared to a placebo, frankincense was consistently more effective at reducing osteoarthritis pain and improving mobility. Inflammation and pain is further reduced by the additional therapeutic ingredients of ginger and nettle. This unique product has been shown to improve pain within 5 days at a dose of 4 capsules per day. Two capsules in the morning and two at night.
  • ReMag Magnesium – reduces inflammation, pain, improves bone health and reduces the inflammatory marker CRP.
  • Planet Paleo Active Collagen – Provides strength and flexibility and is the major constituent of bone mass. Studies show collagen improves joint pain. This particular collagen has additonal natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  • Lamberts Devil’s Claw – Devil’s claw extract has a clinically beneficial effect in the treatment of arthrosis of the hip or knee. It can be very good for easing stiffness in the joints.
  • Lamberts Glucosamine Complete – with Rosehip, MSM, Chondroitin, Quercetin and Ginger. A wonderful preventative supplement and ideal for active conditions.
  • Curcumin x 4000 High Potency Turmeric Capsules – Curcumin the main component of turmeric has been shown to significantly improve morning stiffness, walking time and joint swelling. This particular product has shown an increase in utilization up to 20-45 times compared to ordinary Curcumin supplements.
  • Magnesium bath salts – put 2 generous handfuls in the bath and soak for at least 20 minutes
  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – place 1 tablespoon in a glass of warm and consume first thing in the morning.

This list is not exhaustive. For further information and guidance please get in touch.

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