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Industrial air pollution causing a toxic brain


Groundbreaking news from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences links toxic pollutants in the air to Alzheimer’s Disease. They report ‘millions of particles of magnetite per gram of brain matter’ and suggest that these toxins enters the body through the nose and lungs.
Magnetite is an oxide of iron and is found in diesel fumes from road and rail vehicles. Air-borne particulates of nanometre size easily pass through tight-junctions in the nose and throat and enter the general circulation and can cause heart attacks and dementia.
By all means do all you can to avoid air-borne pollutants by minimising exposure and spending some part of each day in a park or similar environment. Home air filters are valuable if you live in a city. But there is more. As discovered in 2013, during early onset of sleep, the brain shrinks by up to one third and a cleansing wave of cerebrospinal fluid washes through the brain and drains away pollutants. As far as possible heed the call to sleep because brain detoxification will not wait! At another level, the herb Thyme is a powerful stimulant of the fine hairs that line the bronchial tubes. The ‘muccociliary escalator’ wafts particulates upwards in a matrix of mucus. Thyme Syrup can make all the difference.

Industrial air pollution leaves magnetic waste on the brain

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