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Coffee the Adaptogenic Beverage


Drinking coffee has several health benefits


An interesting point about coffee is how and when you drink it.

Coffee should make you feel calm but alert, energetic but not wired. Many people feel shaky, nervous, and anxious after coffee.

This is quite obviously not a helpful healthy way to feel.

5 tips to drinking coffee

  • Don’t have coffee on rising on an empty stomach. Have it with a meal containing protein and carbohydrate.
  • Do have coffee with some fat, like full fat milk or cream. You may want to add a tsp or 2 of coconut oil too.
  • Sugar or honey added to your coffee will help the liver deal with the metabolic effects of the caffeine. Or drink it with something sweet.
  • Do add collagen for another wonderful health promoting dimension – gelatin is anti-stress and has a calming effect on the body and is also anti-inflammatory.
  • Experiment with coffee and see how you feel. Coffee intolerance can be a sign of hypothyroidism and care should be taken.


How I like my coffee   

Hunter & Gather

Warm up a saucepan of milk.

Add to your coffee and stir in one or two heaped teaspoon of collagen for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects, stirring until dissolved.

You may want more or less or to use honey.

More about coffee and caffeine

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