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10 Things to Appreciate About Isolation


Isolation has been forced upon us.

What a strange feeling. It is taking a bit of time to get used to and has only just begun.

I appreciate for some already in isolated circumstances this is not an outcome you relish, but this is where the rest of us can step in and help.

We must keep in touch with the lonely or elderly. Pass a note through the door, leave a bunch of flowers and let them have your number so they don’t feel so alone.

Life has taken on a new meaning. And it’s not all bad.

There are precautions to take but now is not the time to become too insular but instead to reach out.

During this period, much healing can be done in the world and it starts now.

10 Things to Appreciate About Isolation

  1. Slowness – life has taken on a different pace, enjoy it and the feeling of slowing down
  2. Community – look after your neighbours, if we pull together great things can happen
  3. Nature – the sky seems bluer, the grass more green and flowers just especially uplifting. They have always been here but now are in technicolour
  4. Books – immerse yourself in learning, history, stories, poems and the world
  5. Sleep – one of the most important pillars of health, enjoy getting to bed early and healing during the hours of darkness
  6. Cooking – get the cook books out, improvise, take time to prepare a lovely meal, food is medicine
  7. A deeper sense of gratitude – life is still beautiful and I am looking more closely at everything
  8. Decluttering – it is the perfect time to clear out, tidy up, and give to those in need
  9. Joy in small things – a kind word, a small deed, a blooming flower, friendships are taking on a whole new meaning
  10. Deeper love – love is more than a feeling, it is an action and it has never been more necessary

Together we will get through this.


“I was being cured of soldiering on endlessly: my job was now to be still, which had become almost easy at last.”
 Rebecca Solnit, 

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