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Pico Silver Solution

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Dr Dean’s Pico Silver Solution is a dietary supplement that is used on an as-needed basis to support the structure and function of the immune system.

Pico Silver is a unique stabilised ion of silver prepared from 99.9% pure elemental silver and measuring in the picometer range. It is designed to provide safe and effective amounts of non-toxic silver at the recommended dosages.

Most silver products are called colloidals, however, a colloid is a mixture of microscopically dispersed insoluble particles suspended throughout another substance. Pico-Silver stabilised ions are completely soluble. On scientific testing, with a laser scattering particle size analyzer, there is no evidence of particles in the solution. These picometer-sized silver ions readily enter cells and are able to support the immune system.


Adults: Use as needed to support the immune system. Place 1 tsp (5ml) directly in the mouth or 2-4oz of water.

Children 4 and older: use half the adult dose, 1/4 tsp.

Children under 4: Consult your physician.

48 servings per container


Weight 10 g


Silver, Reverse Osmosis Water.

  1. Jules (verified owner)

    Best silver ever ! My daughter was very poorly during exam season – sore throat, ear ache etc – and on advice of manufacturer she took 1 tsp six times daily for 2 days and was fit (and happy!) again. I have many potions in my medical cabinet but this is by far the most powerful. Thank you Botanical for stocking this magical silver !

    • Naomi Murray

      Dear Jules
      Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback.
      What a swift recovery!
      Naomi x

  2. Jules (verified owner)

    Yes very quick recovery thanks to Pico Silver. I’ve tried many of the top quality brands over the years but Dr Dean’s is by far the best – and most effective.
    I will add my daughter took the silver ‘neat’, swooshed it all around the inside of her mouth then slowly swallowed it. And she didn’t drink/eat anything for at least half an hour to allow the silver to work it’s magic ! Just bought another bottle to for her to take back to university !
    Massive thanks again Botanical.

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