Organic Andrographis Capsules


Highly regarded as a bitter Ayurvedic digestive remedy, with ‘cooling’ properties ideally suited to treating ‘hot’ infections.


Key Benefits
  • Known as the ‘king of bitters’ in Ayurveda, Andrographis is highly regarded for its ability to improve digestion and reduce inflammation.
  • Scientific research has shown that Andrographis can help prevent upper respiratory infections, such as colds and flu, and lessen the severity of infections.
  • This powerful herb may also have protective properties against urinary and digestive tract infections
How Andrographis Works

Considered a highly effective Ayurvedic digestive aid with ‘cooling’ properties, this remedy is often used to treat ‘hot’ infections. It is believed to affect bitter receptors in the mouth and upper digestive system, as well as hormones like cholecystokinin in the stomach and intestines, potentially increasing bile flow and stabilising blood sugar levels. Due to the strong connection between the gut and immune system, this could potentially help protect against infections and inflammatory conditions.

According to multiple research studies, Andrographis and its key compounds, Andrographolides, have been found to strengthen the body’s immune system by boosting both specific antibody and cell-mediated responses. Additionally, there is evidence that Andrographis may also improve the body’s non-specific defenses against certain bacteria and viruses, reducing the risk of infection.

Andrographis paniculata Studies


Organic Andrographis leaf
Vegetable cellulose capsule (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose).

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