Oregano4life Wild Oregano oil Softgels


Wild Oregano oil Softgels organically cultivated in Greece.


Wild Oregano oil Softgels are enteric coated capsules with 10% essential oil from oregano that is organically cultivated in Greece (Origanum vulgare spp. Hirtum) and organic olive oil with a very high concentration in hydroxytyrosol (15mg – 20mg per 20g of olive oil). Hydroxytyrosol is an antioxidant polyphenol and can be found at the olive tree’s fruits and leaves (Olea europaea L.). The European Food Safety Authority has highlighted the importance of hydroxytyrosol in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. The box contains 30 enteric coated capsules that protect and do not irritate the stomach.

  • From 100% organic fresh Greek oregano

  • Extremely high concentration in carvacrol (>86%)

  • 100% dry steam distillation

  • Enteric coated softgels

Oral use: 1 capsule 1 or 2 times daily after eating. To be taken with water.


The Wild Oregano oil is suitable for:

  • supporting the organism’s defense mechanisms against viruses, bacteria and fungi

  • the normal function of the gastrointestinal system

  • supporting of the enteric microbioma

  • the fortification of the organism during periods of stress

  • the maintenance of the physiological cholesterol and blood sugar levels

  • the desensitization of the organism from allergens

  • people suffering from rheumatic symptoms

  • the relief from topical skin irritations

  • aphthae treatment

  • the maintenance of mood balance

  • the improvement of “bad breath”

  • the maintenance of gum health

  • period pains

  • the relief from insect stings

  • the improvement of the “orange-peel” (cellulite)

  • balancing menopause disorders




Essential oil from oregano, organic olive oil.

Softgel capsule shell gelatin (from porcine), glycerol, water.

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