Metabolics Iodine 11 15ml


A readily available liquid form of very concentrated iodine, blended from kelp seaweed.


Iodine is a vital non-metallic trace mineral found naturally in the diet that the body cannot make. Iodine is found in sea salt, sea fish and kelp. Good sources are plants grown on iodine rich soil and deficiency occurs as many areas of the world have iodine poor soil, especially mountainous areas such as the Alps where erosion has leached away the iodine. Iodine has many important functions.

  • Iodine contributes to the production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function.
  • Iodine contributes to normal cognitive function and normal functioning of the nervous system.
  • Iodine contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.
  • Iodine contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism.
  • Iodine contributes to normal growth of children.
Symptoms of Iodine Definciency
  • Under functioning thyroid results in symptoms of tiredness, constipation, hair loss, thick hard skin on the soles of the feet, fatigue, weight gain and always feeling the cold.
  • Suboptimal neurological function including apathy and mental sluggishness. Maternal iodine deficiency can result in developmental deficiency of the child with irreversible intellectual impairment, in the extreme known as cretinism. Hypothyroidism results in slower response times and impaired mental function.
  • Goitre (swelling of the Thyroid) associated with hypothyroid

Recommended dose 1 drop per day in water with food. The stated recommended dose can be changed as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed this recommended dose. Consume within 3 months of opening.




Other ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine, Ammonium Iodide.

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