Limited Edition B Immune Kit


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Botanica Health Limited Edition B Immune Kit contains natural immune supports for the winter months and beyond.

The kit contains:

  • Terranova Vitamin D3 2000iu (50 Capsules)
  • Terranova Zinc 15mg (50 Capsules)
  • Sophie Lamb’s Herbal Dispensary Andrographis (100ml)
  • Thyme syrup (200ml)
  • 10% discount code for future order
  • Letter of advice on products and how to maintain optimal health during winter
  • Affirmation card
  • Beautiful reusable box with magnetic closer
  • All products wrapped in tissue

We have chosen the Terranova wholefood Vitamin D and Zinc brand due to their enhanced absorption, bio-availability, utilization, stability, function and effect of the product‘s nutrients.

These products are included for their preventative attributes and will last for 50 days. They contain no fillers, binders or other excipients, and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Andrographis is anti-viral and anti-inflammatory and useful in the treatment of upper respiratory infections. It can be taken as a herbal preventative to build immunity or at the first sign of a virus to reduce duration.

Our proprietary Thyme syrup is a store cupboard essential for chesty coughs.
According to the famous Herbalist Nicolas Culpeper, “thyme is a noble strengthener of the lungs, .. nor is there a better remedy growing for whooping cough. It purgeth the body of phlegm and is an excellent remedy for shortness of breath.”

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