Gelatin Granules 200g


Gelatin consumption can benefit hair, skin, nails, digestion, immune function, joints and more.

A good source of collagen, protein and amino acids. Of these amino acids Glycine aids liver function and Lysine is uitilized in calcium absorption and muscle building.


Gelatin Health Benefits and Uses


  • Gut Health – Gelatin is one of the best foods for gut health. It helps to fill holes and damaged areas of the stomach lining and reduces inflammation. Gelatin also increases the amount of gastric acid in they gut, which is needed to breakdown and digest protein.

  • Bone Health – Did you know that our bones are made up of collagen? We hear often that calcium is needed for healthy bones but calcium is needed with collagen to make our bones healthy and strong. Bone broth or powdered gelatin is the best way to obtain collagen.

  • Joint Health –  Gelatin is a good source of collagen is needed for healthy joints (the connective tissues in our joins are made up of collagen).

  • Skin & Hair Health – Collagen gives your skin its elasticity and helps to keep your skin wrinkle free, and also improves quality and shine of the hair. Gelatin is also anti-estrogenic and may help balance hormones and break down fat that causes cellulite.


The current bovine gelatin suppliers are from Spain, Italy, Germany, India and Brazil who provide gelatin to Healan Ingredients here in the UK.

The finished batch may be made from any one, or from a blend of any of the above.  The gelatin is only sourced from manufacturers on the approved EU listing.  That is where they have been audited and approved by EC officials.

With each incoming batch of our supplier’s EU raw materials they obtain a suppliers quality certificate.  From suppliers outside of the EU they also get an SRM (specified risk materials) document, a veterinary certificate and a Health certificate.  All of these have been inspected by border post officials before the gelatin can be released into the EU.

Our supplier’s of the gelatin are fully compliant with EC regulations – EC 852/2004, EC 853/2004v and EC 854/2004 for the production and hygiene requirements of edible gelatin.



Place 2 teaspoons of gelatin in a small bowl and add 3 times the amount of cold water. Leave for 10 minutes. Stir into hot drinks or hot food.


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