Chronic Digestive Disorders Book by Gaynor J Greber


An alternative route to achieving digestive health with a drug-free holistic approach.


Do you suffer with gastric problems, irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerance, allergies, skin problems or any other diagnosed gut disorder? Have you been given medication and told you will need to learn `to live with it’? Are you desperate for help? You will find that this book provides a lot of valuable answers.

Drugs do not address the underlying cause of chronic disease, the gastrointestinal tract never repairs itself, diet and lifestyle are not factors assessed by GP’s, so the condition never improves but is just symptom-managed. Chronic Digestive Disordersoffers an alternative route to achieving digestive health with a drug-free holistic approach – based on the principles of Nutritional and Functional Medicine. This health-care system focuses on identifying the biochemical and nutritional imbalance which is linked to symptoms of ill health at the cellular level. Analysis is made with specialised Laboratory tests, which help identify alterations in body systems. It does not take the `one pill fits all’ approach, but recognises individuality in all human body systems. Diet and lifestyle, the key factors behind the development of chronic health conditions, are assessed in detail and adjusted accordingly. Treatment involves Nutritional Therapy for nutritional supplementation, herbal and enzyme therapy and very distinct dietary recommendations, all aimed at correcting deficiencies and healing the gut.

Using this guide, you can actively play an important part in your treatment and recovery, learning the core principles of keeping healthy with a nutrient rich diet. By following the guidelines you can help reverse all chronic digestive disorders. The human body is wonderfully self-healing – given the right conditions and following these principles, you can build a `new you’ and a better, healthier future.


Gaynor J Greber

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