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Botanica Health – a love of plants going back to childhood

Botanica is a boutique health store and clinic and is always a hive of activity!

It has evolved in a very organic way and when we began I decided it was to be a bright and welcoming space, combining leading science with traditional botanical medicine and nutrition.

An online shop was far from my mind at the beginning, but public demand combined with stocking specialised products has come to the attention of people across the UK and further afield and so here we are!

My father is Scotland’s longest practicing Medical Herbalist and one of my earliest memories is of a warm summer day picking the delicate Eyebright (Euphrasia) plant near a coastal path in the wilds of Scotland. As his dispenser for 20 years I experienced the wonderful power of whole plants as medicine.

30 years on at Botanica, a family run business in Kent, we are back to our roots in a sense, accompanying people on their way to living a life of optimal health through nutrition, correct supplementation and natural medicine. With the emerging science of ‘Epiginetics’ (how your genes can be influenced by your environment) it is a thrilling time to be set free from ‘gene doom’ and to emerge with hope of a bright future. At Botanica we have a team of professionals to help you along this path.

We also have a retail shop where you can come and browse through our specialist whole foods, loose green and white teas, nutritional and sports supplements, natural skin care, children’s supplements and products unique to us.


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